Lana Fuchs


Russian born, Brooklyn raised Lana Fuchs began creating one-of-a-kind designs and custom-made apparel for prominent individuals worldwide in 1995. In a male dominated world, Lana proved to be a great success as she became sought after by a rapidly increasing number of clients. With public recognition of her talent and an eye for distinct individuality, her clientele continued to grow. In 2008, Lana founded Billionaire Mafia, a luxury clothing, accessories and jewelry company, bringing trendsetting and cutting-edge fashions to influential people in the hip-hop music industry and anyone who wanted to transcend from everyday convention to self-expression.

Toni Spilsbury worked closely with Lana Fuchs and her to team to redesign her personal website to embody her brand and completely redesigned her ecommerce business Billionaire Mafia. Toni was hands-on in photo shoots, editing, design and writing resulting in the dynamic websites LanaFuchs.com and BillionaireMafia.com. By following Lana’s career and endeavors, Toni provides continuous updates to the website to keep her followers engaged and grow her audience.

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As an entrepreneur and philanthropist, Lana and her company have been featured all over the world, from international publications and fashion shows to television. As someone who is known for putting her family first, Lana was interviewed by both Barbara Walters on ABC’s 20/20 and Dr. Phil in 2012. Her interview with Ms. Walters was also mentioned on ABC’s The View.

As a new facet to the Lana Fuch’s empire, Discovery’s TLC is launching a new television reality show December 9th, 2012 titled “Sin City Rules” of which Lana is the star. Lana’s cast mates include five influential women in Las Vegas who have much to learn from Ms. Fuchs and what it means to be venomous, as she demonstrates in her upcoming denim line titled FVCHS Venom Denim. As Lana likes to say, “whether you love me or hate me, you will remember me.”



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