Las Vegas Tweet Party



Whether you’re launching a new business, product, book or looking to create a buzz about your event, social media is where you want to be. The power of the blogger in undeniable as Forbes Magazine recently described in an article, “Does Anyone Really Take The Mom Blogger Seriously?” (the answer was “yes”, by the way).  Bloggers have an established and loyal social media following, especially within their niche area. Social Media a way to create brand loyalty by keeping your followers engaged and grow your customer base.  Businesses have moved past costly “pay-per-click” advertising and are seeing the growth in the brand loyalty that comes with social media.

Las Vegas Bloggers

Las Vegas Tweet Party is a subsidiary of Sandbox Digital Media and works with a close-niche network of local and national bloggers to design and host Twitter parties and Tweet-Ups for businesses and organizations large and small.

How to throw a great Blogger Event and create buzz about your business or service begins with Las Vegas Tweet Party.



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